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Grožinė literatūra - Vilnius

Kategorija Grožinė literatūra
Miestas Vilnius
Daikto būklė Puiki
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Modern living story of a women oscillating in present to past and running down emotional escapades. I picked it up during my one of the work-break period and spent some days to get over entirely.All i can say plot is missing edges and spikes that usually keep hitting and glued around, when you read fast-paced novels. Probably author's style of holding storybase is slow, lukewarm paced and unorganizely weaves you in frame of relatiionship push-pull of woes, fights between husband-wife, dutifull daily routine

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Its not a linear story with tight editing, but a kind of feminine, warm yet bold & expressive novel that usually author is known for to write. Good detailing of women's reflections to life, and hence female readers should like it.

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